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Division of Legal Aid Case Quality Management

Division of Legal Aid Case Quality Management: An Overview

All Vietnamese legal aid clients are entitled to and should expect to receive a high standard of service from their lawyer. To ensure that this happens, the Division of Legal Aid Case Quality Management of the NLAA has developed a quality assurance framework for legal aid.

A formal framework is necessary to ensure that:

  • The legal services provided to legal aid clients across Vietnam are consistent and all receive an acceptable standard of service.
  • Vietnamese legal aid clients have a high level of confidence in the quality of services received from legal aid providers.
  • There is clear guidance and transparency for the legal profession on legal aid matters.
  • Legal aid providers meet mandatory minimum standards for experience and competency, and have the capability to satisfactorily meet their clients’ needs.
  • Legal aid providers meet minimum standards of client service, including the exercise of independent judgment, due care, explain things clearly, and respect their clients' confidentiality.
  • All legal aid providers maintain standards of independence, both in fact and appearance, and do not have an interest in the subject matter of the legal dispute that conflicts with the best interest of the client.
  • Checks and balances are in place so that problems that arise can be readily and adequately addressed.

For the overwhelming majority of lawyers in Vietnam, the quality assurance framework simply exemplifies the professional standards and integrity they already bring to their work.

Key features of the legal aid quality framework

The key features of the legal aid quality framework are:

Approval to be a legal aid provider

Lawyers can only provide legal aid services in Vietnam if they have approval from the Ministry of Justice. To obtain such approval, they must meet a rigid set of criteria covering qualifications, competence, experience, and business structure.

They also must demonstrate their competence and experience by providing to the Ministry of Justice case examples, work samples and references.

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Practice standards

To be able to provide legal aid services lawyers must be approved by and must comply with the practice standards for services promulgated by the Ministry of Justice.

The Practice Standards set out the minimum standards of service and conduct required of legal aid providers.

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Monitoring and Audit

The Division of Legal Aid Case Quality Management has programmes to monitor and audit legal aid providers in place as authorised by law. These monitoring and audit programmes are undertaken to ensure legal aid providers meet the required standards of quality and value when representing legal aid clients. The audits are an important way of ensuring confidence in legal aid services, and also providing feedback to providers about areas for improvement. 

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Complaints and Performance Review

Legal aid clients and others can file complaints about legal aid providers. The Division of Legal Aid Case Quality Management assigns dedicated complaint officers to investigate and deal with all complaints received. The investigation of complaints may result in a variety of outcomes/sanctions including the revocation of authorisation to practice as a lawyer in Vietnam, compulsory continuing education and fines.

Substantiated serious complaints can be referred to law enforcement officials for further investigation and prosecution in the criminal justice system as appropriate.

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Duties and Powers

The Division of Legal Aid Case Quality Management of the NLAA serves in an advisory capacity to the Ministry of Justice in the professional management of legal aid in Vietnam.  In this capacity it has a wide variety of powers and functions, in addition to the aforementioned, authorised by law, including but not limited to the following.

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Conducting legal aid research, surveys, seminars, and conferences aimed at improving and strengthening the overall quality of legal aid services in Vietnam.

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Chairing and coordinating with relevant units of NLAA to check and supervise the implementation of legal aid laws and legal aid case quality.

Compiling reports and maintaining statistical databases on legal aid cases quality nation-wide.

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To find out more about The Division of Legal Aid Case Quality Management of the NLAA and the services it offers please contact a staff member by either telephone or email.


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