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Division of Professional Management

2. Division of professional management:

Position and Functions:

The division of professional management is charged with performing the following functions:

- Advising and assisting the Director in developing, evaluating, reviewing and systemising legal documents, strategies, plans, programmes and schemes on legal aid;

- Conducting legal aid management;

- Guiding, implementing and monitoring the implementation of legal strategies planning, programmes and schemes on legal aid, including legal aid policies in the national target programmes and interdisciplinary programmes on legal aid;

- Serving as a focal point in evaluating legal documents as required by the Ministry.

Duties and Powers:

The division is empowered with the following enumerated duties and powers:

2.1 Developing, evaluating, reviewing and systemising legal aid documents;

a) Chairing and coordinating units within the NLAA in strategising, planning and developing national programmes, plans, legal documents, internal documents on legal aid; including annual, five-year, and long–term development plans of the Judiciary and other legal drafts as assigned by the Director;

b) Chairing and coordinating units within the NLAA to review and comment on drafts of legal documents related to legal aid or other documents as assigned by the Minister;

c) Contributing legal opinions on projects, legal normative document drafts, projects, plans and internal regulations drafted by units of NLAA; participating in reviewing and commenting on projects or other documents as assigned by the Director.

d) Checking and systemising legal aid documents and other documents related to legal aid within the jurisdiction of the NLAA.

2.2. Organising and monitoring the implementation of laws on legal aid:

a) Implementing, monitoring, supervising, inspecting and guiding the implementation of strategies, plans, programmes, and schemes on legal aid including the promulgation of internal regulations;

b) Advising and guiding ministries and localities in organizing and monitoring the implementation, preliminary and final review of the implementation of laws on legal aid within the jurisdiction of ministries or localities;

c) Summarizing the recommendations of organizations performing legal aid relating to amendments or supplements of laws in order to promptly propose amendments to plans and/or to propose alternative methods of law implementation to competent agencies;

d) Monitoring the implementation of laws within the jurisdiction of the NLAA.

2.3. Scientific research on legal aid:

a) Developing legal aid for scientific research programmes and/or conducting searches for the provision of scientific evidence related to projects, drafts of legal documents on legal aid and documents related to the implementation of functions , duties and powers of the NLAA;

b) Conducting scientific research and organising scientific conferences and seminars on legal aid;

c) Conducting basic surveys and performing assigned scientific tasks;

d) Applying the results of scientific research and guiding scientific research activities within the NLAA;

e) Helping the Director implement initiatives on matters related to innovative working methods within the NLAA and applying those initiatives in the management and direction of legal aid activities of the NLAA.

2.4. Specific management on legal aid:

a) Researching issues pertaining to professional guidance on legal aid under the provisions of law of the Ministry and advising the Director;

b) Unifying professional management; guiding, inspecting and monitoring the organizations and operation of legal aid organizations, legal aid providers nationwide.

2.5. Developing measures to support the proliferation of legal aid organizations, law firms, legal consultation centres and other persons supporting legal aid activity.

2.6. Guiding, supporting, facilitating professional associations on legal aid, political-social institutions, political socio-professional organizations, social-professional organizations and other legal aid providers.

2.7. Guiding the effective implementation of legal aid policies in the national target programme on poverty reduction, economic-social development programmes in especially difficult communes of ethnic minorities and mountainous areas and other national target programmes related to legal aid.

2.8. Maintaining the regular operation of inter-sector coordination council on legal aid in proceedings at the central government and supporting team of Council, performing the tasks of the standing agency of Council under its organizational and operational regulation.



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