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Conference on the implementation of the Law on Legal Aid in the South

Tue, 29/05/2018 - 15:59 -- tuanvq

The implementation of Decision No. 1355 / QD-TTg dated 12/9/2017 of the Prime Minister promulgating the plan for the implementation of the Law on Legal Aid, following the conference in Hanoi, The Ministry of Justice held a conference to implement the Law on Legal Aid in the South on October 5th. Vice Minister Ngoc Nguyen Khanh chaired the meeting. Attending the conference were leaders of the Department of Justice, leaders of legal aid centres in the southern provinces (from Danang to the south), Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Association of Orange Agent Victims in Ho Chi Minh City; Legal Aid providers from Legal Aid Centre in Ho Chi Minh City and a number of law firms.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Deputy Minister Khanh Ngoc Nguyen said that the Law on Legal Aid in 2017 had represented the humanity and progression of the State towards disadvantaged people in the society. With many new points which overcome the shortcomings and limitations of the Law on Legal Aid in 2006, the Law on Legal Aid in 2017 will help legal aid activities become increasingly professional and have further developement. He emphasized that the Law on Legal Aid in 2017 had been promulgated with great expectations, however, the effective implementation of the law depended on the people, agencies and organizations understand correctly and adequately, and on that basis strictly observe the provisions of law.

In the presentation, Director Thi Minh Nguyen introduced basic activities to implement the Law on legal aid such as improving the institution, applying technology in legal aid organization and legal aid administration, capacity building for legal aid providers,  checking the legal aid providers, legal aid organizations and legal aid beneficiaries in each geographical area... In addition, the Director also emphasized that localities need to take initiative in legal aid implementation, such as checking and counting legal aid beneficiaries in order to make specific plans on allocating funds and human resources to meet the needs of legal aid, especially several provinces which have not yet self-balancing their budgets should prioritize the allocation of budget from the annual balance and supplement budget to support the complicated and typical case implementation. Legal aid providers, especially the legal aid team, need to spend more time improve their professional capacity to carry out the main task of case implementation.

Through the speeches presented at the conference as well as opinions from the leaders of Justice Departments, Legal aid Centres, lawyers also enthusiastically discussed and represented solutions for effective implementation of the Law on legal aid: Such as local initiative in branch review; strengthening the coordination between Legal aid centres and proceedings-conducting agencies in order to solve practical difficulties and problems; diversifying  the forms of communication and broadening  media targets ; commending and rewarding organizations and individuals that make great contributions to this activity.

Some difficulties from the delegates about the Department of Justice sign the contract of providing legal aid, reviewing legal aid beneficiaries, personnel ... was clarified by Deputy Minister Khanh Ngoc Nguyen and The Director Thi Minh Nguyen.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Khanh Ngoc affirmed that in addition to new opportunities, the Law on Legal Aid also poses a number of challenges to the legal aid system, requires efforts from legal aid centres to implement good, effective legal aid work, thus confirming its role and position in the justice sector. The role of the Department of Justice in the state management and the advice to the Provincial People's Committee in this area has been raised, therefore, the Department of Justice urgently advise to Provincial People's Committee promulgate Law implementation plan in localities. In the development of the plan, it shoud be noted to get the legal aid beneficiaries centered, estimating budget for the People's Committee to allocate resources for the implementation of  legal aid cases. There shoud be specific guidelines and measures to help legal aid to professionalism and efficiency. At the same time, the Deputy Minister also suggested proceedings-conducting agencies to  actively coordinate in this work.